• What is alternative healing? 
It is an approach which is not based in traditional medicine.  It encompasses chiropractic care, massage therapy, supplements, aromatherapy, etc.

  • Does my doctor have to give me a referral? 
It depends on what the treatment is for.  If it is a chronic issue, generally no.  But if it is something that you are currently receiving medical care for, yes.
  • Why would I use alternative therapies? 
When nothing else has worked for chronic pain or if you are looking to approach your overall health from a more organic direction.
  • How do these therapies work? 
By utilizing the bodies own natural healing abilities.  Humans have the ability to heal.  In an alternative approach a practitioner is facilitating removal of the road blocks to healing.  This may be as simple as releasing scar tissue or as complex as integrating a history of injury and trauma.
  • How many times do I have to receive treatment?
It depends.  Most sessions are scheduled every 4-6 weeks, but occasionally it is necessary to be treated more frequently.  It is impossible to state how many times an individual will need bodywork to bring about healing.  In most situations the practitioner and the client are able to determine whether or not the sessions are beneficial within 3-6 visits.  Some people have found the work to serve multiple purposes beyond pain relief.  They then continue the treatment for relaxation, stress reduction and other health benefits.
  • Will insurance cover the cost?
Some companies cover massage therapy.  In this instance yes.  If an injury occurs due to an accident, it is possible to receive reimbursement from insurance.  Many health savings accounts will authorize the funds used for alternative health care.  Body Language Therapies does not bill insurance.  We will provide you with a receipt for services which may be used to get reimbursement.